It has become imperative for the issue of masturbation to be brought up in our discussions as a people. For one, statistics show that a considerable amount of people indulge in it behind closed doors and studies have proven that MASTURBATION IS A HEALTHY EXERCISE. We can agree or disagree on the last reason I gave, but we can not deny the fact that masturbation needs to be addressed as per;

Reasons why people indulge in it.

The advantages it holds

And the disadvantages inherent




It Prevents Cancer In Older Men

According to a study conducted in Australia, masturbation can help protect you against prostrate cancer. According to the study, when you ejaculate, it can help you flush out disease-causing toxins that might be building up in your urogenital tract. Therefore, masturbation might not be as bad as they are trying to paint it after all. However, later studies also showed that too much masturbation in young men could expose you to risks of the same disease (the irony!)

It helps you last longer

According to a study published in the July 2008 issue of the American Journal of Medicine, men who ejaculate less frequently are more likely to experience erectile dysfunction than men who ejaculate frequently. According to the study, regular sexual activity preserves potency in the same way as regular physical exercise helps to maintain functional capacity.

It helps boost your immunity

Jennifer Landa, MD who is hormone therapy specialist, opines that Ejaculation increases levels of cortisol; a hormone that when released in small doses as in sex and masturbation, helps to maintain your immune system

It lifts your mood

According to Dr Lauren Streicher, an Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology when speaking to the Huffington Post, masturbation can benefit one’s health because it helps us to sleep and relieves stress thereby lifting our mood. As such, we can all agree that a little jerk here and there would not hurt anybody.


Having addressed the benefits of Masturbation, it would be a disservice not to venture into the dangers and disadvantages that abide therein.



It affects confidence level

I am saying this one from a personal viewpoint. When I was deeply into masturbation during my teenage years, the confidence that I used to have with females dropped to an all-time low. Most times, I would rather go and masturbate thinking about that my new “crush” than stepping up to the plate and ask her out. In chronic situations, the lack of confidence can spill onto your workplace relationships, the way you relate to your family, etc.


It Can Cause Problems in Your Relationship

When one is addicted to masturbation, it becomes quite easy for him or her to know exactly what stimulates him or her and as such, they might be able to satisfy themselves quicker than their partners can. When this happens, one can quickly become disillusioned with the relationship, and if not properly checked, it might lead to a total breakdown of the relationship.


Might Cause feeling of guilt.

This reaction is very relative. Mostly depending on how religious you are. But if you are a religious person as I am, then masturbation can give you the after-effect of feeling terrible and regretting your action.



The truth is that masturbation is a perfectly healthy sexual exercise. The major drawbacks are in the excessive practice of it. However, we must not play blind to the fact that society does not encourage it even if statistics show that most men indulge in it. Therefore, the advice remains that all things should be done in moderation. It is better not to indulge in it at all than to over-do it.