Nigerian comedian, Godwin Komone, popularly known as Gordons has issued an apology to music legend, 2face Idibia over the controversial statement he made regarding the music artiste.

According to excerpts from the interview conducted by an entertainment media outreach, Goldmyne Tv, Gordons chided the music artiste over his decision to withdraw from the “One Voice Nigeria” protest.

“He (2face) should have used that medium to protest against government policies” He thereafter described 2face Idibia as the “only illiterate who can sing correctly in music”. The comedian said.

The statement sparked outrages from many Nigerians who felt the statement was an insult on 2face Idibia’s personality forcing the comedian to tender an apology to the music star.

Gordons stated that he was only doing his job without any intent of insulting the music artiste.

“I just did an sms of an apology to 2face and his family because sometimes, people misunderstand why we do what we do” he said.

“I am just a comedian who is doing his job…This is not intended to insult him or his family. He has even said it in is songs. But I understand the situation we are in and I felt that was a little bit below the belt and I had to apologise. This wasn’t intended to bring a fight” the comedian explained.