Valentine's day
image: Pulse

Muslim students in the Asian country of Indonesia have come out to protest the celebration of valentine’s day in Indonesia. The students, reportedly aged between the age of 13 and 15 took to the streets to protest what they described as a “western celebration that celebrates and encourages casual sex.
An organizer of the event, simply identified as Pandu Satria said that the protest “was organised as we have seen on television that valentine’s day tends to be associated with free sex.
Speaking on the issue, Ida Indahwati Waliulu, the headmaster of the school from where a majority of the protesters were drawn from said that the valentine’s day celebrations scares him. According to him:
“There is a certain pride about this positive action carried out by the students.”
Indonesia is the world’s most populous muslim-majority country and according to reports, Valentine day celebrations have been banned across many cities. However major cities still observe the day.

In another development, Pakistan has banned celebrations of Valentine’s day in the country after labelling it unislamic.