hiv positive wife
A customary court sitting in Jikwoyi, Abuja has dissolved the marriage between a farmer identified as Joseph Danjuma and his wife who is HIV positive wife.

Everyman Eleanya who was the presiding judge over the case, said he ordered the dissolution of the marriage after the court had done everything within its powers to forge a reconciliation and failed.

Mr Eleanya was quoted as saying, “ The court did everything possible to reconcile the couple but all efforts failed.’’

Mr Danjuma on his own part, told the court that he still loved his wife even with her HIV infection, however, he could not continue with her after she insisted that he stopped using condoms with her. He went ahead to tell this to the court:
“My wife got pregnant and put to bed in 2012; the child got terribly ill and died.

“Due to the ailment and death of the child, I insisted that my wife be tested of HIV, which the doctor did and she tested positive.

“Because I still loved my wife, we used condom as a means of protection during sexual intercourse.

“But as time went on, she refused me using condom on her, and insisted on intercourse without condom.”

Mrs Danjuma on her own part, admitted that she is HIV-Positive and also gave consent to the dissolution of the marriage, further stating that she has had enough of the union.

Olabeauty learnt that it is possible for a HIV negative husband to have sexual relations with his HIV Positive wife as long as the positive wife is on treatment that would have reduced her viral load. This also goes for a positive husband and a negative wife. Can you sleep with your spouse if you found out that they are positive? Let us know in the comments section below.