As if taking cues from Spring, the season’s hair trends share a likeness with the rainbows that follow April’s showers. The enchanting time period brings with it a gentle urging to renew, refresh, and revitalize. In other words, you have every chance to try something completely different, such as an entirely new hair color.

In tune with fresh blooms, watch out for what’s ahead. We consulted with top colorists to help showcase Spring’s very vibrant palette. So what’s to come? Think a mixture of warm, natural tones that match the mood of the season and a palette worthy of ROYGBIV.


The color: Pastels

The celebrity inspiration: Jourdan Dunn

Description: Colorist Hannah Edelman from Brooklyn-based Brush in Hand said, “Floral inspiration will always define Spring trends.” She suggests veering toward the more delicate shades of pinks, violets, and blues.

Who it works for: “Pastel tones can work for anyone (even Kanye!) with the right adjustments,” she said. “Light to pale skin can rock a full head of pastel color. For medium skin tones, incorporate a brighter, richer color with pastel ends.”

Image Source: Getty / Michael Bezjian

Baby Blond


The color: Baby Blond

The celebrity inspiration: Khloé Kardashian

Description: “Ask for balayage highlights a few shades lighter than your norm,” says Edelman.

Who it works for: Edelman suggested those with lighter skin opt for “beige roots with warm accents [that] embody the bright, warm days of Spring.” If you have honey-toned skin, she suggests golden bronde hue.

Image Source: Getty / Slaven Vlasic
Rose Gold

The color: Rose Gold

The celebrity inspiration: Kate Hudson

Description: This color blew up in 2016, but according to Edelman, it’s here to stay. It is a subtle way to try a rainbow sherbert shade without going bold.

Who it works for: This is the perfect color for blondes who aren’t ready for a huge commitment. Rose gold is an easier color for blondes because it requires a very light base — something that blondes already have.

Image Source: Getty / Gregg DeGuire
Warm, Buttery Blond

The color: Warm, Buttery Blond

The celebrity inspiration: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Description: Put simply, Edelman says, “The sun in shining, the days are longer, and hair should be warmer.” This look is warmer and more natural, which perfectly matches the mood of the coming seasons.

Who it works for: Edelman suggests that, because warmer hair mimics nature, it’s naturally flattering on most people. But it’s especially great for warm skin tones.

Image Source: Getty / Anthony Harvey

Greenery, Pantone’s Color of the Year.


The color: Greenery, Pantone’s Color of the Year

The celebrity inspiration: Bella Thorne

Description: This shade of green packs a vibrant punch that will not go unnoticed. While people often shy away from it, Pantone has embraced green for its soothing and earthy properties, and maybe you should, too!

Who it works for: Lighter complexions really seem to embrace this vibrant color best. Edelman said that, because pale skin is a delicate skin tone, greenery looks beautiful next to it.

Image Source: Getty / Steve Granitz
Hair Contouring

The color: Hair Contouring.

The celebrity inspiration: Sarah Jessica Parker

Description: Los Angeles colorist Rachelle Zard of Kream Studio weighed in on this trend, claiming that it’s one of her favorites. “It’s the easiest way to refresh and add a bit of life to your existing color,” she said. “The highlights are strategically placed to brighten up and accent your face shape.”

Who it works for: This trend has a few added benefits built in that make it popular with lazy girls. “This can be done on any color, whether you are blonde, brunette, or red,” Zard noted. “Ask your colorist for a pop of color around your hairline. This is a low-maintenance trend, because it looks good fresh or grown out.”

Image Source: Getty / Jeff Kravitz
Deep Chocolate


The color: Deep Chocolate

The celebrity inspiration: Bella Hadid

Description: Breaking from tradition, this tone is leaving its usual Fall season for Spring. Zard said, “It’s a great color to offset all the bright and pale muted tones of Spring. Ask your colorist for a tone that works best with your skin. This color should be shiny and flattering to your natural complexion, otherwise it will wash you out.”

Who it works for: You can rock this whether you’re a blonde or brunette. “If you are a natural brunette, this color will be low maintenance,” she added. “But if you are a natural blonde, you will want to come in regular for a root touch-up.” A gloss is also a great way to keep your shade shiny and lush.

Image Source: Getty / John Sciulli
Strawberry Blond

The color: Strawberry Blond

The celebrity inspiration: Nicole Kidman

Description: For the statement makers, Zard advised taking on a fiery hue. “Of all of the shades, redheads make a color statement — whether it be a deep rich auburn or a strawberry blond,” she noted.

Who it works for: Strawberry blond works best with fair to light warm skin.

Colorist tip: Zard says, “To prevent from fading between visits, I send clients home with shampoos and conditioners formulated for color-treated hair and sometimes even color-depositing shampoos to use once a week to keep the color radiant,” she said.

these are  your top colors for springs, take a shine”