Lindsay Lohan is ready for her fresh start in Hollywood. After a turbulent past the 30-year-old isn’t afraid to return to the Hollywood limelight.

“Not at all, I am more ready than ever to get back into movies and TV. It is a true passion of mine and has been since I was a child,” she said. “It is not about the limelight though, it’s about doing what you love.”

This week the actress announced on Twitter she is gearing up to launch her new prank reality TV series, “The Anti-Social Network.”

“After my 30th birthday last year I decided to make some big changes in my life and getting back on track with work was one of them.”

And with this birthday milestone the former child actress.

“I changed my outlook on life – the people I was hanging out with – my management – everything combined has had such a positive outcome!”

The show follows Lohan as she causes mayhem on contestants’ social media accounts for 24 hours, all while daring them to complete embarrassing challenges in order to win prizes.

But in January the “Mean Girls” star shut down her social media accounts and decided to rebrand.

“I loved being able to wipe my past clean on the internet and move on it felt refreshing. On the other hand, yes, social media can be beneficial and detrimental its just how you decide to use it.”