We’re not dissing Instagram’s explore feature—in fact, the concept is incredible—but lately, we can’t help feeling that the as-yet-undiscovered suggestions being thrown into our personal social media spheres are somewhat repetitive and fairly literal. Just because you looked at the live action from behind the scenes of the Victoria’s Secret show doesn’t mean you will forever be searching for pictures of girls in underwear, you know?

As you’ll no doubt be aware, the team at Who What Wear discovers the early signs of many a fashion happening via some extensive scrolling (take that runaway H&M shirt, or the silver boots at Topshop), so we thought we’d enlist our HQ’s combined Instagram secrets in order to act as a kind of rogue branch of the platform’s explore section. We are ready and willing to share, because one shouldn’t be selfish when it comes to spreading the “likes” around this fashion planet.

So if you want to discover a fresh batch of handles to pore over this week or you’re looking to restock the shelves of your feed after a cleansing cull, here is an excellent place to start. There’s much inspiration to be found from these under-the-radar handles you haven’t discovered yet.