As females, we are always on the hunt for new products, both pertaining to face and skin to enhance our natural looks.

Here are some beauty secrets and tips (subdivided into hair and skin) that are simple, easy to follow, and will definitely help you look for better.

1. Hair – Want to give your hair a natural looking shine? Simply pour a small amount of olive oil in your hand, rub them together, then distribute it throughout your hair using your fingers. Olive oil will make your hair shine and moisturize it, plus it’s full of proteins, so it’s good for your tresses too!

2. Your Skin Cleanser Is Making Things Worse (Maybe)
Cleansing can irritate even healthy skin, never mind sensitive or “problem” skin, and many cleansers are guilty. How then should you best cleanse without further irritation?

The solution, regardless of skin type, is to look for a gentle cleanser that dissolves dirt and excess oil without leaving the skin feeling tight or tingly — nothing with detergents, alcohols, fragrances, irritants or ingredients that block pores. Think that means going natural? No. Among the list of irritants are lemon, mint, cinnamon and essential oils.

3.Stop Avoiding Exfoliation; Start Glowing

How do some women achieve that enviable perfect, “glowing” skin? Genetics plays a part, to be sure. But even good genes need help. It comes in the form of exfoliation. Exfoliating your skin allows skin-care serums and creams to perform better through improved penetration. Brightened skin – that “glow” – is the immediate benefit. Word to the wise: Those with active acne and/or rosacea should only exfoliate with salicylic acid, pending approval from their dermatologist.

4. Retinoids Are the Best Things Your Aging Skin Isn’t Using

First developed to treat acne, retinoids, or retinols, are chemical derivatives of vitamin A that can smooth out fine facial lines. They help thicken both the epidermis and dermis, exfoliate dead skin cells, speed the turnover of keratinocytes and increase production of collagen and hyaluronic acid, a carbohydrate that occurs naturally in the body and serves as a lubricant for joints, muscles and skin. But retinoids also increase something else: the skin’s sensitivity to the sun. Use them at night for optimal benefit.