Colourful pants and bright print shirt give a fresh vibe for Monday!

Office dress code for Tuesday! Oh yes,the second day at office-another official working day and we must keep it official still! Check out this out fit for a bright Tuesday.

For Wednesday, mid-day of working days. You can free yourself a little..not to official and not to traditional or casual.Like an official pants and top/top singlet with an “ankara” jacket to match, or a red skirt and a classy and stylish corporate top with nice shoes and bag to match. Its all about making Wednesday office attire a stylish one because it is the middle day of your working days! and its simply stylish!

Thursday! Thursday!! Thursday!!! and its still strictly official as usual. Check out this outfit.A long sleeved corporate shirt on a corporate skirt.

Oh Friday! Every office lady loves Friday not just because it begins the weekend of rest but because it is the day to look African at work! Check out these outfits for Friday