The fatigue in the legs, the pain, swellings and discomfort caused by ill-fitting shoes are familiar to every woman and man around the world. In order to avoid this unpleasant situations, you should comply with certain rules when choosing your shoes. They must be stylish, comfortable, durable and not the least also elegant. From an aesthetic point of view they must definitely be beautiful, but from a medical – they shall comply with the hygiene requirements – to protect the feet from injuries and not to impede the movements in our everyday life. The size and shape of the shoe should as much as possible match those of the foot. Otherwise, it will be deformed and will develop scabs, and when this happens for a second time in the same place, they become chronic and this is a serious problem.

When you buy shoes, let them be a little bigger than the foot in a peaceful state, because when you walk, the feet increase in size. Try the shoe while you are standing straight and make a few steps. The fingers should feel free so that they can move freely at the front of the shoe. Required is also around the thumb on the inside to have some space to not distort the big toe. The shoes shall be chosen during daytime when the leg is already stirred, but have not yet appeared the evening tiredness and swelling. They should not be too loose and free because they can cause bruises and calluses on the feet. The opened shoes on the other hand need to tightly cover the foot, especially in the area of the heels. If they are too loose, with every movement the foot will sneak out and this hinders the movement and leads to rapid fatigue of the leg.