We assume that you are already familiar with the fashionable hairstyles for long hair: straight, slightly damp with many shiny decorations. It is time to give due consideration and to the other favorite of the season – the hyper short haircut.

The actresses and singers are overwhelmed of passion for the hyper short hair and extravagantly combine their smooth, stylized hairstyles with evening dresses. Among the avant-garde beauties that opted for the fashionable short haircuts are Tilda Swinton, Keira Knightley, Rihanna, Emma Watson, HalleBerry and the fashion addicted Victoria Beckham.

Pop star Rihanna became famous even more since making her hair flaming red, and from the beginning of this year she wears it quite short with a slight punk flavor. Another star with punk leanings is HalleBerry. She usually trims her hair short. And finally we can give the example of the legendary bob haircut of Victoria Beckham