Every woman wants to look younger and glowing. Along with the balanced diet, makeup is one of the options that can give you an instant younger look. You can eat fruits and vegetables to keep your skin fresh and healthy. But, if you have wrinkles and acne spots on your face, the only thing that can hide them is makeup. Let us see what you can do with your makeup to look younger and fresh.

Use lightweight foundation:

Instead of using powdered base for your face which shows the lines and does not cover the wrinkles you can use liquid foundation which is lightweight and with better coverage on the skin. There is no need to use heavy foundation. The liquid foundation gives smoothness to the face and covers all the deformities naturally.

Use concealer:

To hide pimples, black circles under the eyes and spots on your face it is better to use concealer. The more smooth and balanced your skin is the younger you will look and attract the others.

Avoid powdered blush:

Similar to the powdered bases you should avoid using the blush that is in powdered form. It is also not suitable for the older ladies. Better to use a blush of pink or light red shade that gives a natural glow to your cheeks. Use creamy blush and apply it with your clean fingers.

Use double coats of mascara and curl your eyelashes:

With time your lashes become dull and flattened. Use two coats of mascara on the eyelashes and curl them using a fine curler. Even if you do not curl your lashes several coats of mascara will also give you a younger look.

Use gloss to thicken your lips:

Make your lips thick using lip gloss and extra lining on the lips. This will give you a younger look. Use light shades of lip glosses that give a glowing and shiny look.