The choice of color for the shoe is very important, first by the manufacturers, then by the customer. Of course it is associated with what exactly the shoe is and what it is intended for. The old traditional colors like black and brown are also available, but they are for more formal footwear, while the fresh colors like green, pink, blue and white are for casual footwear. 

Very important is the choice of color of the shoe in the seniors and graduates this year, who prefer shoes in purple color for the girls and burgundy colored shoes for the boys. In the artists on stage, especially in the circus occur very strange combinations of colors like yellow-red shoes, yellow-blue shoes, purple-white shoes and other colorful prints for circus shoes. Especially bold colors for their shoes choose the singers, most often they stop at red color for shoes, but also white, yellow or blue depending on the color of the outfit for the scene.

Unfortunately the smallest selection of colors for shoes have the strict businessmen working in banks, municipalities, courts and prosecution offices, where there is a certain etiquette when choosing a color for shoes – exclusively black and brown as a last resort.

With such a wide variety it is not easy to choose a color for your shoes. The easiest way is to comply with the certain occasion and your outfit. When the occasion requires being formal, select the classic neutral colors, and for the daily life and informal occasions do not be afraid to experiment and refresh your mood and outfit with bright colors.