In the world of gratitude, there is a glitch. It is easy to be grateful when the sun is shining, when our dreams are coming true, when the world seems to be unfolding at our feet. But the challenge of gratitude comes with a glitch. Are we grateful when we prick our finger on the thorn of a rose? When our perfect plan goes awry? When all doors seem to be closing on us? When we lose at love? Even if you are not satisfied with your life as it is today, he pointed out, “If you go through grateful motions, the emotion of gratitude should be triggered. It is like improving your posture and as a result becoming more energetic and selfconfident.”

Four step gratitude plan for good times and bad

Here is a simple plan to open the door to more happiness in your life.

Smiles : Begin and end your day with a smile. What if you don’t feel like smiling? Find something that will bring a smile to your face. Look through a magazine until you find a picture that helps you bubble over with laughter. Smile at someone you love, even if they have been hurtful to you. How? By recalling a happy moment the two of you shared.

Gratitude visits : Make an unexpected visit to someone who needs you. And if you cannot go in person, send a little thought gift.

The words “Thank you.” So often during the day we take little kindnesses for granted. Someone holds the elevator for us or opens a door. A person in line sees we have only two items and lets us get ahead. How many times have you seen this happen and the person who received the gracious gesture simply nods his or her head and goes back to talking on a cell phone rather than saying the words “thank you.”

Thank you notes : Find a place in your home to turn a table into a gratitude desk. Cultivate the habit of dropping thank you notes to your family.